Company profile:
Shenzhen kweight Development Co., Ltd., founded in October 2007, is a national high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, Baoan District Baoan key science and technology enterprises, 100 enterprises to grow, Peking University Shenzhen Research Institute Cooperative Enterprise
Company specializing in the distribution network automation system, smart substation power supply system, intelligent high voltage power distribution equipment and new energy equipment development, production and sales. The company has a wholly owned subsidiary - Shenzhen kuangxin Development Co. Ltd.
Company headquarters is located in Baoan, Shenzhen the Peach Garden science and Technology Innovation Park, the factory address is: 
Company main products:
Including the use of power system intelligent substation station: DAIP-3.0 AC / DC integrated power systems, GZZ intelligent station with AC power system, GZDW intelligent high frequency DC power supply system, electric power system, UPS communication power supply system etc.
Intelligent network products include: ZW20B-12 (F) intelligent outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, ZW32B-12 (M) CRN-2000 civilian intelligent power distribution automation system of intelligent outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, FTU distribution automation, feeder terminal DTU distribution automation system, the terminal station
Intelligent high voltage distribution equipment products include: KYN28A-12 (Z) withdrawout metal clad and metal enclosed switchgear, metal sealing ring network switching equipment, ZBW1- (XBZ1) intelligent environmental protection box type substation, GCK intelligent low-voltage switchgear, MNS type switchgear, GCS type switchgear, GGD fixed type XL-21 power switch cabinet, cabinet and three box series
New energy sources include: DC/DC conversion module, DC power bus charging and discharging system
Technology innovation ability
The company has its own R & D team and the establishment of product research and development of smart grid and Laboratory of Shenzhen Institute of Peking University, and North China Electric Power University, Schneider, ABB, SIEMENS and other international well-known enterprises and institutions to become partners.
The company has two invention patents, more than 20 practical new patents, two products to obtain independent innovation products in Guangdong and Shenzhen, and a number of software products.
In the standard setting: in the "Southern Power Grid Substation DC power supply system", "technical specification for substation with AC power system technical specifications" FGC standard, scenery storage integration of substation joint design.
China electric power development and Promotion Association of intelligent electrical products Union member units, Guangdong motor association DC power branch member units.
All products have obtained national type test and 3C certification
The company strictly in accordance with the quality management system ISO9001:2008 version of the international quality system certification, ISO14000:2004 environmental management system certification requirements, combined with the national grid and China Southern Power Grid site audit standards, products from the signing, contract design, purchasing, production and customer service service standardization process
Companies in the northeast, northwest, East, central, Southern China, southwest of the six major regional sales and after-sales service staff, regardless of where the product is the first time to respond, to provide customers with quality services
At present, there are more than 2 thousand substations in the use of my company's products, substation voltage level from 750KV to 66KV, in the industrial and construction areas have a large number of users to use my company's products, and run well
The company is committed to providing comprehensive and professional intelligent transmission and distribution equipment, digital AC, DC, AC and DC integrated power system solutions for all kinds of power users at home and abroad.